We're a non-profit community of freelance designers, developers, illustrators, strategists and makers, based in the UK, Europe & the US.



Invite only

We only accept the top 10% of freelance applicants to our platform, many of which have worked for awesome companies such as Google, UsTwo, Nike, Burberry, Instagram and Wollf Olins. Whether your focus is product, motion, experience design, illustration, research or front-end; if you're interested in joining our community simply apply here and don’t forget to send the password to your work.

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Free to use

BLKBK is focussed on helping the best freelancers work with great companies and we do all of this for free. This means you can work with freelancers directly, pay them directly, and never have to deal with percentage fees or recruiters in any way at all.

We do accept donations for the running costs which can be found on our Patreon page here.


Super simple

You can submit a request for a freelancer within 30 seconds using this form and it will be instantly posted to a channel on our community slack group. If a freelancer wants to work with you, they'll drop you an email directly and then you can take it from there.

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Used by

Facebook, DesignIt, Studio Output, Google, Possible, UsTwo, Wunderman, Mayku, Adaptive Lab, Hive, GoCardless, All of Us, DesignStudio, Founders Factory, SuperHi, Made by Many, Instagram and many, many more.